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 Biblical Life and Marriage Coaching help people who are not experiencing clinical issues. They simply want help to determine the next step for themselves towards their life’s goals. Through the application of Biblical principles, I get to work with my client(s) to achieve their determined goals. It’s a win-win!

Biblical Life Coaching

The difference between Biblical Life Coaching and Life Coaching is that the principles of the Bible are the guides which are present in the Coach-Client relationship.  This coaching also uses the power of prayer to invite the Holy Spirit into the process.  The results are that the Client not only achieves the goal(s) that motivated him/her to seek coaching but he/she leaves with a greater sense of empowerment and God-ly confidence than at the start.  The use of SF (Solution-Focused)  and Biblical principles are a sure way that the desired outcomes of each Client will be realized and a preferred future experienced.  

Coaching uses the strengths of each client to help them to overcome obstacles to their desired outcomes.  Solution- Focused questions naturally supports this strengths based approach because it is always a collaborative relationship between the Client and the Coach.

Biblical Marriage Coaching

The joy of using SF and Biblical principles with marriage coaching is that the couple gets to experience more of what God wants for them in their marriage.  The couple and Coach work together using God's Word to guide them in their desire to make their marriage even better and more enduring.  Candidates for BMC are:

  1. Experiencing a stable marriage
  2. Seeking to make the marriage union better
  3. Aware of possible obstacles to a good marriage relationship
  4. Wanting better communication
  5. Wanting more Godly intimacy
  6. Willing to work at what can make them a better mate to each other

Couples who are experiencing infidelity, sexual immorality, addictions or trauma issues in their relationship are not candidates for Marital Coaching and should seek the help of an experienced therapist. (See Therapy Services page.)

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