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…Our God shall fight for us Nehemiah 4:20

Living from God’s purpose means knowing your limitations.  Too often I tried to fight for myself, others especially the “underdog” and other right causes but I end up tired, frustrated, and angry.  It is so much easier to believe that “our God shall fight for us”.

Have a difficult boss?  Let God fight for you.  Have a deceptive, underhanded co-worker?  Let God fight for you.  Have a quarrelsome spouse?  wayward child?  Let God fight for you?  The result is that you will have an inner peace that cannot be taken away.  The outcome of the issue?  That’s not your business.  Let God fight for you.  Trust Him for the outcome.

Helping others to enlarge their walk with God is the joy I have as a Biblical Life Coach.  It is a delight to help others to discover the blocks to their desired goals and then to soar in their faith journey.  God loves you so.  He shall fight for you.

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